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Just Law is a legal marketing company that is entirely dedicated to the development of online client generation for law firms that want to tighten their business strategy and add to their bottom line. We generate case leads online, bringing qualified in-bound calls/emails to your firm on a monthly basis. Implementing Just Law’s subscription at your firm will lead to increased client retention numbers in the areas of law that you want to focus on.

Just compare us to your Yellow Page Ads

Running a Just Law subscription means that you have constant access to a web development team that is working to push your account’s website to the front of client searches you want. You also enjoy monthly reporting that focuses on the metrics that matter most to your firm’s success: in-bound phone calls and emails. At Just Law, we build our entire service around the notion that a dollar spent should be two or more dollars earned, and we can prove it with our monthly data. If we don’t make you money, you don’t have to pay your next month. It’s that simple.

We don’t “lock in” our clients for long-term contracts

We measure our success with our clients on a monthly term. So, if our subscription isn’t bringing in more clientele than it’s worth, you can cancel the account for the upcoming month. You can’t do that with the Yellow Pages. Unlike other media options available, Just Law works directly with your firm to ensure your marketing dollars are being driven toward a long-term, and sustainable strategy that brings profits and helps grow your business.

Contact Us and start converting smart business for your firm

We have enjoyed great success with our clients. If you are a consumer-facing law firm, and you would like to generate more cases in areas that make sense to your bottom line, we would like to meet with you. If you would like to know more about services and success stories, contact us today and make it a great year for your business.

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If you are a Canadian law firm looking for an SEO marketing strategy that will create a stronger presence for your law firm online, please contact our office. Our account managers can answer all questions relating to our monthly subscription service, and the monetary value we can generate for your firm in your local legal service market.

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