Online Lead Generation for Canadian Law Firms

At Just Law we act as an extension of your current marketing department, servicing qualified case leads from the online space. Our subscriptions provide a clients with a branded website that competes for your business in areas of greatest interest. Pushing your account into desired search engine results, our websites converts online viewers to in-bound calls and emails that have higher client retention rates.

Don’t waste time on the phone

You operate on the billable hour so your time is valuable. Every call you answer either adds or subtracts from your bottom line. We ensure that our accounts are focused, appearing in the search results that make sense to your firm. So, when a phone call comes in from a Just Law account, you know you are speaking with a potential client that has been qualified through your online content and search results. At Just Law, we don’t just get you more clients, we get you better ones.

What we offer our clients

Just Law is a fully stocked boutique of experienced services and web technology dedicated to the legal community. Unlike other web agencies, Just Law retains all of its services in-house so projects are not outsourced and marked up. This knowledge in the legal space enables Just Law to move your project ahead at a rapid pace; eliminating wasted resources, costs, and time.

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If you are a Canadian law firm looking for an SEO marketing strategy that will create a stronger presence for your law firm online, please contact our office. Our account managers can answer all questions relating to our monthly subscription service, and the monetary value we can generate for your firm in your local legal service market.

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