SEO Copywriting for Canadian law firms

You’re a lawyer, not an SEO copywriter. If you have built a site for your firm before, chances are that the web agency left you with the task of writing the site’s copy. After all, no one knows your firm’s business better than you. Right?

Well, yes and no.

You do know your business best,  but when it comes to collecting and presenting SEO content for use on your law firm’s website, you need the help of a law marketing service that can take your message and translate that information into an organized package that will convert viewers, while attracting the attention of major search engines. SEO copywriting is a long, formulaic, and involved process. Every page is developed with a measured frequency and combination of keywords that allow our clients to rapidly compete against local law firms.

SEO Copywriting For Law

Pairing great content with sound keyword data

Being a great wordsmith is simply not enough when developing SEO content that will rank and convert online. That great collection of copy must be guided by, and integrated with, a strong background of search engine keyword data. At Just Law, we purchase large quantities of keyword search data so we can way-find toward the ideal phases that will optimally convert for our law firm clients.

A site’s pages, and the SEO content within, are strongly dictated by what market opportunities are reflected within our keyword research. By looking at user search patterns and applied search phrases, a site’s pages and content can be developed to capitalize on untapped spaces within your firm’s local market.

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