SEO Keyword Research For Canadian Law Firms

It’s tough, when plotting your law firm’s online marketing strategy, and not knowing which direction to go. If you, or a web marking vendor, are planning your content development around a ‘keyword brainstorming session’, you may as well break out the tea leafs and crystal ball while you’re at it. Simply drafting out a list of keywords for your SEO marketing strategy is no strategy at all. At Just Law, our clients dominate and control local search results because we mine and leverage keyword data on behalf of our clients.

SEO Keywords For Law

Do you know the difference in search activity between using “drunk driving lawyer in (your location)” and “(your location) drunk driving lawyers” in your website?

If you don’t, you could be making a left turn, instead of a right. The difference for our clients is that at Just Law, we empirically know.

SEO Data Mining Lets Us Outpace Competing Canadian Law Firms

Unlike the ‘SEO Brainstorm Guys’, we purchase search engine marketing data for the accounts we manage. We breakdown these large blocks of search engine data to make sense of which keywords are competitively ideal, and which keywords are a waste of resources. Ultimately, we parse keyword data into content formulas that are unique to each and every site page within our accounts. We know when, where, and how frequently we should apply a particular keyword when constructing your online content.

Smart online marketing for the legal industry doesn’t operate off of gut feeling and a good eye. It’s won and lost by the data and analysis made by those competing. If you have the most recent data on a local market, you know how to disrupt it for your firm’s needs.

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