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Wouldn’t it be nice to have an online presence that can pivot your local brand and positioning, as needed. With traditional web development agreements the client picks a design, settles on it, and is (effectively) stuck with the outcome, for better or worse. At Just Law we are constantly working with our clients to adjust their online brand to optimize their competitive edge. We don’t work off of hunches or what “looks hot” now. We base our branding decisions off of hard data that we collect on our clients on a monthly basis. If we see an opportunity to improve your position through your account, we make the necessary branding changes – no extra charge.

Law Firm Web Design

Pretty and sleek design doesn’t always convert your future clients

Getting potential clients in front of your website with a solid SEO strategy is only half of a successful web production. The other half resides in viewer conversions and that stems from creating ‘calls to action’ that speak to the needs of your future clients. Prospective family law clients need to hear a different message than criminal defence clients. If you aren’t tailoring your message to the groups you want to convert, you are wasting your resources online.

Just Law realizes how crucial a potential client’s first impressions are. You only have a few moments between someone reaching your firm for help, or simply clicking the back button. We produce custom web designs and “calls to action” that suit the professional nature of your firm.

Building up your law firm online is a process

We take stock of what you have done in the past, your current branding position, and the direction you want to go. Through our Initial Discovery Sessions with our clients, Just Law drafts out the early stages of design, messaging, and branding that compliment your marketing goals.

Brand treatment, aesthetics, and site functionality are all signed-off by you in set milestones. Logo treatments, color swatch development, photography, and site layout are all done in-hand with your firm so there are no surprise outcomes.

You need white-hat practices for long-term growth

When Just Law produces a web project it employs only SEO best-practices throughout the development process. Accessibility is always paramount with any website architecture, enabling major search engines to find your website, assess its content, and index it quickly.

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