Phone & Website Analytics For Law Firms

The phone directories demand extremely high rates for their premium ad placements while only offering limited data to support their reasoning for your annual expenditure. At best, they can only offer basic numbers on their phone directory’s circulation, but how many copies get thrown out, lost, unused, or recycled? They don’t know and if they did they would never tell you.

SEO Phone & Web Analytics

At Just Law, we don’t just provide you with a web analytics report for the traffic visiting your site. We tell give you detailed email and phone analytics that can identify:

  • The phone numbers that have called your office in the last 30 days
  • The time and date of such in-bound calls
  • The duration in which that prospective client spoke with you office
  • The number of in-bound emails generated from your site

No other legal maketing service will provide your firm with more information that directly relates to your bottom line and end-of-year profits. Furthermore, all phone services provided to your firm operate independent of your office’s operations, and the monthly costs of the toll free number are covered within your subscription costs.

You need monthly details to make informed decisions

We provide our Canadian law firm clients with monthly analytic reports that not only outline the converted phone and email traffic, we also breakdown your online presence in a way that illustrates what keywords, pages, and service areas are receiving traction and growth – bringing business to your door. Consider the ability to parse and filter nearly every aspect of activity within your website. With our monthly service subscription, you receive a monthly report that illustrates through complete charts and graphs the following data:

  • Traffic sources (direct contact, search engines, referral sites)
  • Geo-specific traffic sources
  • Leading keywords
  • Top content requests
  • Top landing page requests
  • Return visits vs. new visits
  • Bounce rates
  • Average site visit durations
  • Average page view durations
  • Average pages per visit

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